T- slot

The T-slot chip guard is developed to reduce your maintenance time cleaning your machine and changing your work-holding devices. They prevent chips and swarf from filling the T-grooves, which has always been a problem. It is not easy to wash away trapped chips with a coolant wash-down the gun or an air gun. The material is high-temperature resistant, flexible, and washable. In addition, it is extremely durable for dry machining applications. Overall, they look great and the kit is very affordable/cost-effective.


Installation Guide

No special tools are required for the installation of this product.

First, clean up the T-slot grooves where the chip guards will be installed.

Trim the desired length you will need with a utility knife.

Then, press the T-slot chip guard straight down into the T-slot until it is evened out with the upper edge of the T-slot groove.


Spec: T Slot Dimensions  0.7”/18mm

Width: 0.7”/18 mm Length: 0.98”/25mm  QTY: 20PCS per package


T-slots is covered with the waste.

After using T-SLot, it will be easy to clean.