Chip Vacuum Removal System

FC Series


The impact of the chip not being removed and cleaned in time: The chip conveyor will take away the chips when the cutting fluid is processed, but some of the uncarried waste debris will be left at the bottom of the water tank, which will generate anaerobic bacteria 、cause the release of odor 、 the acidification of the cutting fluid and the drop of Ph value make the cutting fluid deteriorate; it also reduces the effective volume of the water tank, resulting in insufficient water supply.

The FC series chip vacuum machine uses the principle of negative pressure vacuum in exchange for a large suction volume, and then achieves continuous filtration to intercept impurities and suspended particles. Whether it is all oily cutting fluid or water-based cutting fluid, it can intercept iron filings, aluminum mud, aluminum filings , Copper powder, aluminum powder, tungsten steel powder, stone mill... etc. And there is no cost of consumables. It can save the time and labor cost of the clean water tank. It is a high CP value chip suction machine.

Widely used in lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, CNC, boring machines, planers, sawing machines, broaching machines and other machine tools to effectively remove impurities in the water tank.


  • Continuous processing/non-batch processing/no need to worry about running out of water in the tank
  • No need to use electric/pneumatic pump/high safety
  • No downtime/increased capacity
  • Dehydrate/reduce water content
  • No consumables/stainless steel filter basket can be cleaned
  • Save cutting fluid consumption
  • Increase the effective volume of the water tank
  • Increase production utilization rate


Promote Volume of Water Tank
  • Empty space promotes 40% efficiently
Reduce manual work
  • Lower 15% of the cost, Increase Value of output
No consumable
  • Cost down & Use more earn more
CNC Machine No need to Stop
  • Promote productivity 50%, get High efficacy target


Model FC180 FC180 Plus FC380 Unit
Dimension 810*370*730 810*370*750 990*430*750 mm
Net Weight 56 63 71 kg
Filter Tank capacity 7 17 17 L
Air pressure 5 5 5 bar
Maximum Air consumption 1200 1200 2400 l/min
Maximum Negative pressure 55 55 69 kg/m3
Fluid volume 180 180 380 l/min
Filter Precision 380 μm
Suggest air supply caliber 3/8 3/8 1/2 inch
*If purchase the filter basket, 180μm or 380μm of filter basket can be optional. 



Full oil processed copper

Sludge- Aluminum

Aluminum chips

Fine Aluminum chips & Bio membrane Mixed

Steel chips