Why should you install oil mist collectors

Mist collectors play a major role behind filtering air within machine shops and other similar industrial facilities. The main objective on why people use oil mist collectors is to get rod of harmful oil mist that is given out by CNS machines, grinding processes, and milling processes. Since CNC machines are known for giving out harmful oil mist, oil mist collectors are quite popular among industrial facilities with those machines. 

How does oil mist form? 

Oil mist forms when metal working fluids come to contact along with grinding or milling processes. Then they are dispersed to air. It is possible to use metalworking fluids and reduce overall friction. This will not just provide a cooling effect but can also enhance the lifetime of tools. There is a possibility for oil mist to convert into oil smoke as well. This happens when it exposes into high temperatures. In fact, it would happen when oil starts to burn before it emits to air.

What do oil mist collectors do? 

There are two main types of oil mist collectors available for purchase out there. It is better if you can be aware of what those different types of oil mist collectors do. Then you can end up with purchasing the best oil mist collector available out there.

The first type of primary control mist collectors. These mist collectors are mounted right onto the machines. They are in a position to filter all sorts of contaminants that are present within the source. 

Then you can find secondary control mist collectors. You need to hang this type of a mist collector from the ceiling. Or else, it will even be possible for you to stand mount this type of a mist collector. Then it would catch additional oil mist generated out of the industrial processes and machines. If there is no possibility to direct mount an oil mist collector, using a secondary control mist collector is the best option available to consider.

Why should you think about installing a mist collector? 

Oil mist present within an industrial facility can give life to numerous negative consequences. This is why you should think about installing a mist collector. For example, you can use the oil mist collectors in order to improve overall safety and health of employees. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to reduce worker liability and lawsuits as well. On top of that, you will get the opportunity to adhere to the government regulations that restrict exposure of people to oil mist.

Exposure to oil mist can be dangerous for humans. For example, it can lead people to skin and eye irritations. On the other hand, it will even cause numerous other health problems such as fever, vomiting, shortness of breath, skin irritation, headaches, rapid heartbeat, burning sensation in mount, fatigue, and burning sensation in stomach. Long term exposure to oil mist can lead a person towards getting cancer in the respiratory system and skin. Therefore, it is highly important to think about getting an oil mist collector installed at the industrial facility.

How does an oil mist collector work? 

An oil mist collector is designed to absorb air with oil mist and give out clean air. In here, mist will enter the pre-filter, based on your application. Then collected oil will drain back into machinery, where you can reuse it. There is a carbon pre-filter present in the mist collector as well. it will filter all sorts of large particles present in air. Then air will get into the main filter or the final filter, which captures all fine particulates present in air.

Make sure that you get the best mist collector available out there to enjoy benefits that come along with it.