What are Oil Mist Collectors

What are Mist Collectors?

A mist collector is a type of industrial-grade machine designed to get rid of airborne particles from the industrial working environments. Although these machines are more often found and used in the industry of metalworking, breakthroughs in the technology of mist collectors have paved their way to be used for other industrial applications such as air purification, food production, and other forms of specialty uses. 

The businesses that depend on machining procedures that release dangerous pollutants must make sure that working conditions, such as IAQ or indoor air quality, comply with modern exposure standards set by the regulatory bodies. 

Safety and health committees work to achieve the suggested limit of 0.3 to 0.5 mg/m3 to create a safe and secure working environment. For your industry to stick to the recommended guidelines, it is important to consult with an industrial hygienist to determine to environment’s air quality. 

How Does a Mist Collector Work?

Most mist collectors work with the use of centrifugal technology in which a rotating drum is utilized to intercept unnecessary particles and combine into bigger droplets that will be drained out of the unit in the end. 

A downside of centrifugal separation is that it lacks the ability of separating fine mist particles. It is usually supplemented with the afterfilter. The disadvantage to the use of an afterfilter to get rid of the fine mist particles is the short lifespan of the filter that results to a reduced airflow. To retain their operational performance, a mist collector requires frequent service with high consumable costs. 

Common Uses of Mist Collectors 

Mist collectors have numerous applications, and some of these are the following:

  • Commercial Food Production 

A mist collector can be used in processes of commercial food manufacturing to get rid of grease, cooking odors, oil mist, and smoke from commercial kitchens and food production facilities. Hygiene is crucial I beverage and food process.

It is imperative to ensure a sanitary working environment to lessen the risks in relation to contamination essential for quality. Clean working conditions also let your equipment work at their peak performance and maintain a safe working environment for all employees. 

  • Metalworking Industry 

The mist collectors used in the industry of metalworking help in trapping dangerous coolant and oil mist formed during the machining processes. Coolant and oil mist exposure can pose a substantial health hazard risk to shop equipment and personnel. With the help of mist collectors, it is possible to eliminate the oil and coolant mist thanks to their ability of filtering through the byproducts produced. 

  • Specialty Applications 

Mist collectors of modular nature provides better flexibility when it comes to catering to the needs of the specialty filtration applications. The fume extraction in 3D printing, laser engraving, plastic welding, 3D printing, fume and odor control, mobile applications, heat treating, stamping, part washers, and cold heading applications can be custom outfitted with mist collectors to control the release of unwanted airborne particles like fumes, exhaust, aerosols, smoke, and mist.

With the different uses and applications of mist collectors, it is easy to see their significant role in many modern industries today.